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“Cross-Border Case for Soccer City”
Voice of San Diego.

“Land Use Planning in a ‘Post-Fact’ World? Looking Back on Measures B and C in Our Recent Election”
San Diego Free Press, December 1, 2016

“Few Thriving Downtowns Include a Stadium — for Good Reason”
October 28, 2016

“Downtown is the wrong spot for new stadium”
September 28, 2016

“Why Are Politicians Pretending to Be Homeless?”
Zocalo Public Sqaure, January 15, 2015

“Game of Drones:  What are the Rules of the Game for Civilian Drone Use”
San Diego Free Press, August 27, 2014

“Wildfires: San Diego’s Ecological Elephant in the Room”
San Diego Free Press, January 22, 2014

“The border: Homeland Security is not enough”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2009

“Living Large: our love affair with big things”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2007

“Has the city hit the ball out of the park at Petco?”
Voice of San, 2007

“San Diego-Tijuana: Reinventing a Border Crossing”
Contributing Voice 2005

“Tijuana’s Future:  Rebellion (Mini-Chiapas) in the Hills?”, 2005

“A New Border Between the United States and Mexico?”
The Globalist, 2003

“Rebuilding San Diego: Fires, suburbs and the public interest
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2003

“Ground Zero: The Globalization of an Urban Design Project”
The Globalist, 2002

“McDonald’s vs. Mexico”
The Globalist, 2002

“Rebuilding at ground zero: A global urban design project”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2002

“Mexico–A Report on Globalization”
The Globalist, 2001

“September 11: The View from the U.S.-Mexican Border”
The Globalist, 2001

“Mexico Wonders: Are we Next?”
The Globalist, 2000

“Baja’s coastline faces growth and possibly Titanic disaster”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1999

“A new Tijuana needs a new image”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1998

“The Future of Downtown San Diego”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1998

“A vision of San Diego’s future”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1997

“Looking for San Diego’s public spaces”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1995

“Is this the way to Change Tijuana’s Image?”
Buzz, 1993

“A Beginner’s guide to Tijuana architecture”
San Diego Reader, 1992

“Our Designs are more Human, Yours are More Efficient: The New Tijuana Architects”
San Diego Reader, 1992

“Lost in the Glare”
San Diego Reader, 1991

“Mañana Madness: Desalination Plants! Theme Parks! Cheap Labor! The Big Baja Bubble!”
San Diego Reader, 1991

“The Malling of Tijuana”
San Diego Reader, 1991

“The Land of Senor Sushi”
San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle, 1991

“California’s next water war in Mexico”
San Jose Mercury News, 1991

“Two faces of post-NAFTA Mexico”
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1991

“Latinos see themselves as slow-growth’s target”
The San Diego Union, 1989

“Mexico’s transplanted millionaires”
Los Angeles Times, 1988

“Will explosive growth overrun Tijuana?”
San Diego Newsline, 1986

“Truth of the Border: It Will Take Two Nations to Succeed”
The San Diego Union, 1986

“The twin cities that must share twin problems”
The San Diego Union, 1984

“‘Shining Path’: Terrorism in Peru”
Newsday, 1983

“Protecting transnational citizens”
The San Diego Union-Tribune