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“The co-mingling of bordering dynamics in the San Diego–Tijuana cross-border metropolis” in Territory, Politics, Governance.

“Globalisation, Place and Twenty-First-Century International Border Regions: An Introduction to the Special Issue”, 2014

“The Cross-Border Metropolis in a Global Age: A Conceptual Model and Empirical Evidence from the US–Mexico and European Border Regions”, 2014

“The Game of Civilian Drones: What are the Rules?”, 2014

“Barra da Tijuca The Political Economy of a Global Suburb in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”, 2013

“Defending the Land of Four Quarters: Globalization, Environment, and Sustainable Development in the Americas”, 2013

“Sustainable Development Theory: Critical Applications to Amazonia”, 2013

“The California-Mexico Border: Dreams of a Transnational Metropolis”, 2013

“Global Crossroads: Planning and Infrastructure for the California-Baja California Border Region”, 2009

“Globalization and Transnational Place Identity Along the U.S.-Mexico Border”, 2009

“Rethinking the Design of Mexican Border Cities: Seven Ecologies”, 2007

“Analysis and Critique of the City of Chula Vista Urban Core Specific Plan”, 2006

“Fast Urbanism and Slow Urbanism: Globalization and Public Space in Three Mexican Cities”, 2006

“Global Tijuana: The Seven Ecologies of the Border”, 2003

“The Transfrontier Metropolis: A new kind of international city”, 2001

“U.S.-Mexico Borderland Water Conflicts and Institutional Change: A Commentary”, 2000

“Saving the Historic Center? Design and Politics in Downtown Mexico City”, 1998

“The U.S.-Mexico Transfrontier Metropolis”, 1992

“USA-Mexico Border Cities: a Clash of Two Cultures”
, 1991

“Cross-national Urban Structure in the Era of Global Cities: The US-Mexico Transfrontier Metropolis”, 1991

“The Transfrontier Organization of Space along the U.S.-Mexico Border”, 1991

“Transboundary Hydrocarbon Resources: The Puerto Vallarta Draft Treaty”, 1991

“Baja’s Tourism Boom1990Corridor Design: Lower Rio Grande Valley”, 1988

“Planning the International Border Metropolis: Trans-Boundary Policy Options for the San Diego-Tijuana Region”, 1986

“City Profile: Tijuana”, 1985

“The Cross Cultural Dimensions of Urban Land Use Policy on the U.S.-Mexico Border: A San Diego-Tijuana Case Study”, 1985

“Politics and the role of the state in land use change: a report from San Diego, California”, 1983

“Between Cultures: Public Space in Tijuana”

“Cross-Border Planning and Cooperation”